HydroNAS noise mitigation deplyoment

Proven, Lightweight, High Performing and
Cost Effective Underwater Noise Mitigation


HydroNAS niose Mitigation

System Characteristics

Proven 25dB SEL and 35dB peak pressure noise reduction across a single barrier
No installation vessel downtime - off critical path
Layering barriers increases performance
No installation vessel downtime - off the critical path
Minimal deck space or payload requirement
Adaptable to variable water depths and pile diameter
Configured to suit project specifics
Compact and lightweight - can be air freighted
Can be incorporated into gripper arm
Deployable in harsh offshore marine conditions

HydroNAS Noise Reduction Chart

HydroNAS™ Concept

HydroNAS™ is a simple concept. It's an unbroken column of air around the pile from the seabed to the surface. This creates water-air-water impedance mismatch which is widely regarded as the simplest and most effective method of reducing underwater noise.
The solution identified and patented by W3G Marine uses a lightweight inflatable fabric which is restrained internally, such as drop stitch. Upon the inflation of drop stitch, a fixed volume panel of air is created, which maintains a specified geometry underwater avoiding ballooning. The cells are modular, stackable and can be configured to fit any water depth, pile diameter or any type of pile.

HydroNAS How it Works