HydroNAS noise mitigation deplyoment

Proven, Lightweight, High Performing and
Cost Effective Underwater Noise Mitigation


HydroNAS niose Mitigation

System Characteristics

Proven 25dB SEL and 35dB peak noise reduction across the barrier
No installation vessel downtime - off critical path
Minimal deck space or payload requirement
Minimal deck space or payload requirement
Adaptable to variable water depth and pile diameter
Configured to suit project specifics
Compact and lightweight - can be air freighted
Can be incorporated into piling template or gripper arm
Deployable in harsh offshore marine conditions

HydroNAS Noise Reduction Chart

HydroNAS™ Concept

HydroNAS™ is a simple concept. It's an unbroken column of air around the pile from the seabed to the surface. This creates water-air-water impedance mismatch which is widely regarded as the simplest and most effective method of reducing underwater noise.
The solution identified and patented by W3G Marine uses a lightweight inflatable fabric which is restrained internally, such as drop stitch. Upon the inflation of drop stitch, a fixed volume panel of air is created, which maintains a specified geometry underwater avoiding ballooning. The cells are modular, stackable and can be configured to fit any water depth, pile diameter or any type of pile.

HydroNAS How it Works