OWTIS Wind Turbine Foundation Installation Vessel

Safe AND Cost Effective
Wind Turbine Foundation Installation Vessel


OWTIS Loaded Installation Vessel

Key Features

→ Safe - Minimal personnel on deck; Controlled deck handling; No infield vessels.
→ Large Deckspace (5,200m2) with no vertical restriction.
→ Large Crane Radius (100k tm) so strong quay or port crane may not be required.
→ High Payload (e.g. 5 x 800t Jackets/ 8,000t Piles/ 3 x 1,000t Monopiles plus TP’s).
→ Low Carbon Footprint
→ No Seabed Contact (DP3)

Unique Multi Port Strategy

Spread fabrication across multiple sites
De risking of supply chain bottlenecks
Increased negotiating power with fabricators and ports
Best use of existing port infrastructure

OWTIS Using Crane
OWTIS Installing Pylons

High Efficiency

Min. 13 knots fully loaded transit speed.
Unique seafastening / deck carriage system, minimising port and installation.
Fully loaded can remain on location in up to 9m Hs.
Autonomous - Piling spreadJacketsGroutingMonopiles.