Crew Access Bridge CRAB

Offshore Access Gangway
Lightweight - Small Fotprint - Low Power Requirement

Crew Access Bridge - CRAB

Crew Access Bridge - CRAB

Key Features

→ CRAB is a motion compensated gangway to enable direct transfer from the support vessel to the tur-bine Work Platform in high sea states.
→ The motion control is a passive counter balance system with a servo assist capstan. This reduces mass, cost and power consumption.
→ Inherently safe if system fails.
→ Control system passive when in manned use.
→ The bridge is secured to the target structure with an electromagnet.


Operating Length17m
Telescopic Travel+/- 3m
Walkway width800mm
Vertical angular range+/-20°
Slew range+/-30°
Landing Load150kg to 200kg
Max Sea State3.5m Hs
System Weight15Te
Power Consumption25kW

OWTIS Using Crane
OWTIS Installing Pylons

What is different?

Simple control solution.
Lower power demand compared to conventional cantilevered designs.
Less structural mass than established systems which improves response.
Reduced imposed loading on the support vessel.